Pokemon X and Y: Barbaracle

Binacle, the Two-Handed Pokemon, is one that is only found by using Rock Smash in certain places. Since it is a Rock/Water type, your best bet is to look for one near water. At level 39 (This Pokemon can be found at the maximum level of 20 in Pokemon X and the maximum level of 15 in Pokemon Y), Binacle evolves into Barbaracle, the Collective Pokemon. Binacle is a somewhat uncommon Pokemon, but does that mean you should get one?

If you don’t have a Pokemon good against Rock types yet, you might consider getting a Binacle. It has some good regular abilities. Sniper makes critical hits deal 2 times as much damage as a regular move, rather than the usual 1.5 times as much damage as a regular move. Binacle can also learn plenty of high critical hit ratio moves such as Stone Edge, Slash, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, and Cross Chop. Plus, since it is a Rock type, it can get STAB from using Stone Edge. Combine that with a high attack and a Scope Lens, and you’ve got a nearly unstoppable Pokemon. If you want a safer route, you might want your Binacle to have Tough Claws, which raises the power of its contact moves by 33%. This ability applies to many more moves than Sniper does, so it might be safer to use. Its hidden ability isn’t terribly useful, so I would stay away from getting one that has it.

Despite all this, this Pokemon has a few downsides. It takes much experience to level up. People who have Pokemon X have it easier off, but they still need to level it up at least 19 levels to get it to become a Barbaracle. Even after it does, it still has a double weakness to Grass type moves. Considering Ramos is a Grass type user, it would not be a good idea to use your Barbaracle against him. Also, unless you picked Chespin, one of your rivals will have eventually have a Chesnaught. Since it is both a Grass and Fighting type, it makes it all the more of a bad idea to use a Barbaracle against it. If you don’t mind this too much, then you should get a Binacle. All you need is a Pokemon that can use Rock Smash. Plus, while you are looking for one, you might get some useful items.

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