Pokemon X and Y: Fossils

As with almost every generation, there has always been a new set of fossil Pokemon. They’ve always been part Rock types. Most of the generations have released a set of two fossils and being asked to pick one or the other. In some of those games, getting the other was impossible through normal gameplay, but other games allowed you to get both. In Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, you are only allowed to get one or the other. It is possible to get the one you did not choose through trading, however. Neither of these fossils are available in Omega Ruby nor Alpha Sapphire. I will be going over which fossil I believe is better.

You should choose the Jaw Fossil.

If you chose the Jaw Fossil, you will get a Pokemon known as Tyrunt. Tyrunt, the Royal Heir Pokemon, is a Rock/Dragon type. Since you always get it at level 2o, it will know Charm, Bite, Stealth Rock, and Bite. It evolves at level 39 during the day. When it does, it becomes Tyrantrum, the Despot Pokemon. This Pokemon is always found with the regular ability Strong Jaw, which raises the power of biting moves by 50%. Lucky for you, Tyrunt already knows Bite, so that move gets boosted by that. It does not get STAB for it, however. Tyrunt can also learn Crunch, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, and Poison Fang, which makes this a versatile and strong Pokemon. These moves can cover some of Tyrantrum’s weaknesses as well. Fire Fang can be used to stop Steel types or Ice types, Ice Fang can be used to stop Ground types or Dragon types, and Poison Fang can be used to stop Fairy types.

If this doesn’t appeal to you, then I will explain why choosing the Sail Fossil might be a good idea. Reviving the Sail Fossil will give you a Pokemon known as Amaura. Amaura, the Tundra Pokemon, is a Rock/Ice type. This is actually one of the first Ice type Pokemon you can get in the game. If you wanted to start training an Ice type early, this might the Pokemon for you. However, because of its typing, it is doubly weak to both Fighting and Steel. If you still want it, then let me tell you some more about it. Since you will always get it at level 2o, it will know the moves Aurora Beam, Mist, Take Down, and Icy Wind. It is also always found with its regular ability Refrigerate, which turns all Normal type moves into Ice type moves and boosts the power of those moves by 30%. Plus, you get STAB from any Normal type move you used, making this Pokemon a force to be reckoned with. In addition, it already knows Take Down when you get it, so Refrigerate will apply to this move. In a similar way, Amaura evolves at level 39, but only at night. When it does, it becomes Aurorus. The Normal type moves this Pokemon can learn are:

  • Take Down
  • Round
  • Hyper Beam
  • Return
  • Frustration
  • Facade
  • Echoed Voice
  • Giga Impact
  • Hyper Voice
  • Snore

Hyper Beam would be one its best moves. Aurorus has a special attack of 99 as opposed to its attack, which is 77. However, this move can leave you wide open if it misses or does not faint the opposing Pokemon, since it requires you to recharge after using it. A better move might be Hyper Voice. It has 60 less power than Hyper Beam does, but it does require you to recharge and can hit Pokemon even with a Substitute. It does not affect Pokemon with Soundproof though. In that case, you should either use Giga Impact, Return, Take Down, or Facade.

Do you think Tyrunt is better than Amaura? Why or why not?


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