Pokemon X and Y: Heliolisk

Helioptile, the Generator Pokemon, is a Pokemon that is found on Route 9. It can be found while riding the Rhyhorn that is there. You can also find Hippopotas and Sandile there. If you want to wait until you get to Shalour City, you can get a Sun Stone there if you give a Hiker the Intriguing Stone that Tierno gives you. If you want to get one earlier, you can sometimes find Solrock holding one. They only have a 5% chance of having one, but if you have a Pokemon with the ability Compound Eyes in the front (Butterfree, Nincada, Scatterbug, etc.), that chance increases to 20%. You can catch the Solrock, but using a move like Thief or Covet might be a better idea, since it doesn’t waste any Poke Balls. Solrock can be found in the 3D area of the Glittering Cave, which is on the same route that Helioptile can be found on. Even if you don’t find a Solrock, you can still steal other items from the Pokemon in Glittering Cave. Lunatone have a 5% chance of having a Moon Stone and Cubone have a 5% chance of having a Thick Club. Using a Sun Stone on Helioptile will evolve it into a Heliolisk (The prefix “helio” means “of or referring to the sun”). But should you?

If you don’t have an Electric type Pokemon yet, it might be a good idea to get a Helioptile. It has some useful abilities. Dry Skin heals its HP in rain or when hit by a Water type attack. Since it rains often in different places in Kalos (there’s a reason for that; I’ll explain why in a later post), it can be useful, especially against Siebold. Watch out for his Gyarados though, even though it is doubly weak to Electric, it still has Earthquake. You should also watch out for his Clawitzer and Barbaracle, as they have Aura Sphere and Cross Chop. Those are both boosted by Clawitzer’s Mega Launcher and Barbaracle’s Tough Claws, respectively. Sand Veil can be useful if you have a Hippopotas on your team.

Do you like Heliolisk? Why or why not?

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