Pokemon X and Y: Dedenne

Pikachu is arguably the most well-known Pokemon. It is so popular that there has been at least one Pikachu-like Pokemon in every generation so far. Marill was the second generation Pikachu, Plusle and Minun were the third generation, Pachirisu was the fourth generation, and Emolga was the fifth generation. Besides Marill, Pikachu-like Pokemon have been at least part Electric type and with no evolutions. This is also true for generation six’s version of the Pikachu. Dedenne, the Antenna Pokemon, is an Electric/Fairy type Pokemon. This would be a logical typing because Fairy is the newest type and Pikachu is an Electric type as well. Dedenne is cute, but should you get one?

If you don’t have either a Grass, Electric, or Fairy type yet, you should get a Dedenne. Even if it’s not a Pokemon you use often in battle, it can still help you even outside of battle. Its ability Pickup makes it so that after every battle you win, you have a 10% chance of it generating an item. This works as long as your Dedenne was not holding anything, since Pokemon can only hold one item at a item. The item you get is random, but there is a list of items you can get as well as the chances of getting such an item. The items arguably get better and more rare for every 10 levels. Dedenne can be found at least at level 21 and at most level 22 in the wild. Most of the time, you will get a Super Potion, which can be useful. Those cost $700 in the games and it’s nice to have a few extra. Sometimes, though, you can get items such as Repels or Escape Ropes. When your Dedenne gets to level 31, most of the time, your Dedenne will pick up Great Balls. If you can get your Dedenne all the way up to level 91, Revives will be a common item and items such as Rare Candies or Heart Scales will be uncommon. Plus, your Dedenne can literally be a money machine. Any item you don’t want that Dedenne picks up can be sold for more money. But if you’re planning on using Dedenne more often, you should not get one with Cheek Pouch. It can be useful, but it can only be activated once a battle. Cheek Pouch makes any berry that Dedenne eats give it 25% of its health back in addition to whatever effect the berry had. If you had an Oran Berry or Sitrus Berry, you will get more than 25% of your health back as well. Its hidden ability is virtually useless. Don’t get a Dedenne with Plus. It’s only useful in Double Battles with Pokemon that either have the same ability or Minus. There’s only five Pokemon with Plus, three with Minus, and three that can have both. That means this only works with max eleven different Pokemon (Only four of these Pokemon have Plus and/or Minus as a regular ability. The other seven can only have it as a hidden ability). You could have multiple of the same Pokemon, but that’s a flawed strategy. Also, all of these Pokemon are either Electric or Steel types, meaning any Ground type user will have no problem wiping out your entire team if you just use this type of Pokemon.

What’s your favorite version of Pikachu?

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