Pokemon Sun and Moon News (Part 8)

I guess Nintendo thought that just revealing one new Pokemon would not be enough to satisfy us, so they just revealed four more new Pokemon.

The first one revealed is called Crabrawler, the Boxing Pokemon. It is a pure Fighting type with either the ability Hyper Cutter or Iron Fist.

The second one revealed is called Sandygast, the Sand Mound Pokemon. It is a Ghost/Ground type with the new ability Water Compaction, which raises the Pokemon’s defense by two stages each time it is hit with a Water type move. This is a good ability because Sandygast is weak to Water type moves. However, this ability is rather useless against an opponent who has no Water type moves or special Water type moves such as Water Gun or Bubble. I believe this ability might activate for each hit of a Water type move, meaning that being hit with a Water Shuriken will not only deal less damage each time it lands, but can max out your Defense in just three hits. This may be good for other physical moves that would deal super effective damage to Sandygast.

The third one revealed is called Palossand, the Sand Castle Pokemon. As you might guess, this is just Sandygast’s evolution.

The final one revealed is called Stufful, the Struggle Pokemon. It is a Normal/Fighting type and also the pre-evolution of Bewear. It can also have Fluffy or Klutz.

Who is your favorite newly revealed Pokemon?

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