Pokemon Sun and Moon News (Part 14)

Let’s just get right into the news.

Type: Null has an evolution named Silvally. It’s still a a pure Normal type, but it now has an ability called RKS System. This ability is similar to Arceus’s Multitype, as it is able to change its type based on the item it is holding. Arceus requires Plate items for it to change its type, and it can’t change them in the middle of a battle. It also changes the typing of its Judgement move depending on the Plate it has. If it has no Plate, it will be Normal type. Seems Silvally is related to Arceus somehow, especially since its Multi-Attack move’s typing is dependent on what item it has. They’re also related because their appearances change based on what type they are.

Jangmo-o has an evolution, and its evolution has an evolution as well. Hakomo-o is Jangmo-o’s evolution, and Kommo-o its Hakomo-o’s evolution. They’re both Dragon/Fighting. If you get a Hakomo-o, be wary of Fairy types, since they are doubly weak to Fairy type moves. However, Kommo-o does have a unique move called Clanging Scales, which deals Dragon type damage, but lowers the user’s defense by one stage.

Likewise, Bounsweet has an evolution, and its evolution also has an evolution. Steenee is Bounsweet’s evolution, and Tsareena is Steenee’s evolution. Tsareena has both a unique ability and move. Queenly Majesty prevents priority moves from executing. That doesn’t mean Tsareena can’t be attacked before it uses a move, but it can’t be hit by moves like Quick Attack or Mach Punch. Trop Kick deals Grass type damage and it also lowers the opponent’s attack by one stage.

Cutiefly has an evolution named Ribombee.

Grimer and Muk have Alolan forms now. They are Poison/Dark and can have the ability Poison Touch or Gluttony. Poison Touch was available on regular Grimer and Muk, but only as a hidden ability. They were not able to have Gluttony though.

Olivia is the name of the Kahuna of Akala Island. She specializes in Rock types. We know she has three Pokemon, one of which is a Nosepass. Ilima is a Trial Captain specializing in Normal types.

What do you think of Alolan Grimer and Alolan Muk?

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