Pokemon Sun and Moon News (Part 15)

Although these Pokemon were already revealed to us by the people who datamined the demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon, we now have the names, typings, and moves for the final evolutions of the Starter Pokemon.

Decidueye, the Arrow Quill Pokemon, is Dartrix’s evolution. You must be looking at this Pokemon and thinking it’s still a Grass/Flying type. I mean, it still has wings, right? Wrong. It’s now a Grass/Ghost type, just like Gourgeist and Trevenant. It has a unique move (all the starter final evolutions do) called Spirit Shackle, which deals Ghost type damage and prevents the opponent from switching out.

Incineroar, the Heel Pokemon, is Torracat’s evolution. It may look like a Fire/Fighting type, but it’s actually a Fire/Dark type, just like Houndoom. Its unique move is called Darkest Lariat, which deals Dark type damage and ignores stat changes. This means it’s like a Dark type version of Chip Away.

Primarina, the Soloist Pokemon, is Brionne’s evolution. It’s a Water/Fairy type and its unique move is called Sparkling Aria, which deals Water type damage and heals the target’s burn, if they have one.

The other Alola Island Guardians have been revealed as well. Akala Island’s Guardian is named Tapu Lele, and it’s Psychic/Fairy with the ability Psychic Surge, which causes Psychic Terrain. This boosts the power of Psychic type moves and prevents priority moves from landing.

Tapu Bulu is Ula’ula Island’s Guardian. It is Grass/Fairy with the ability Grassy Surge, which causes Grass Terrain. This boosts the power of Grass-type moves and restores a bit of HP to them each turn. It also halves damage of Earthquake, Magnitude, and Bulldoze.

Tapu Fini is Poni Island’s Guardian. It is Water/Fairy with the ability Misty Surge, which causes Misty Terrain. This halves the damage of Dragon type moves and prevents Pokemon from being burned, poisoned, badly poisoned, frozen, put to sleep, paralyzed, or confused.

All of these Tapus, including Tapu Koko, share a unique Z-Move called Guardian of Alola.

We also learned about Cosmog, the Nebula Pokemon. It is a Psychic type Pokemon with the ability Unaware.

We learned also that Persian has an Alola form. It’s a Dark type with either the ability Fur Coat or Technician. This means Furfrou is not the only Pokemon who can have Fur Coat as an ability.

Also, we learned that Mount Lanakila is the highest point in the Alola region. That’s also where the Pokemon League will be. Champions of the Alola Pokemon League can take on the Battle Tree, where they can battle with other famous trainers from previous games. Here’s a list of the currently known trainers you can battle:

  • Cynthia (Sinnoh Champion) [She has a Garchomp]
  • Wally (Rival in Hoenn) [He has a Gallade]
  • Blue (Rival in Kanto, Gym Leader in Johto) [He has an Alakazam]
  • Red (Champion in Kanto) [He has a Pikachu]

Which Tapu is your favorite?


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