Pokemon Sun and Moon News (Part 16)

With some Pokemon getting exclusive Z-Moves, it would make sense that the final evolutions of the Starter Pokemon should have their own too. And they do.

Decidueye’s Z-Move is called Sinister Arrow Raid, which is a Physical Ghost type attack with 180 base power.

Incineroar’s Z-Move is called Malicious Moonsault, which is a Physical Dark type with 180 base power.

Primarina’s Z-Move is called Oceanic Operetta, which is a Special Water type Attack with 195 base power (Do you need any more reasons for why you should pick Popplio?)

We’ve also been told about more Ultra Beasts. There’s UB-03 Lighting, which is a pure Electric type.

There’s also UB-05 Glutton, which is a Dark/Dragon type, just like Hydreigon.

You know what else there are? More regional variants.

Diglett and Dugtrio both have Alola forms, although we already knew about Dugtrio from the demo. They are now Ground/Steel, just like Excadrill. They still have the ability Sand Veil, but instead of Arena Trap, they now have Tangling Hair. Tangling Hair is pretty much exactly the same as Gooey; it lowers your opponent’s Speed by one stage if they make contact with you.

Which Starter’s exclusive Z-Move do you like the best?

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