Pokemon Sun and Moon Best Team (Tentative)

With Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon a mere week away, I’d like to share with all of you what I think the best team is for the Alola region, as well as a reason for each.

Note: Do not let this post be the only reason you get one Pokemon over another. I’m just sharing what I think the best team is for Alola. You’re welcome to use it, but you should also consider other Pokemon to catch because this team has its flaws.

When starting off any Pokemon journey, you are given a Starter Pokemon. Your Starter can either be primarily Grass, Fire, or Water. This time around, you are can either have the Grass/Flying type Starter Pokemon Rowlet, the Fire type Starter Pokemon Litten, or the Water type Starter Pokemon Popplio. They don’t stay as those type when they evolve into their final evolutions, though, as Rowlet’s final evolution, Decidueye, is a Grass/Ghost type, Litten’s final evolution, Incineroar, is a Fire/Dark type, and Popplio’s final evolution, Primarina, is a Water/Fairy type. So which one is the best Starter?

In my opinion, it’s Popplio. When I first saw this Pokemon, I was thinking it would be the best one. However, I only concluded that at the time because Rowlet’s double weakness to Ice might serve me well if my rival picked it. And with 17 total available Ice types in Alola, it seems like it would be a no brainer to pick one up. However, Rowlet’s final evolution became a Grass/Ghost type, meaning it would only take from Ice types as would a pure Grass type Pokemon. It’s a big improvement, but Incineroar’s typing countered Decidueye’s perfectly. Being a Fire/Dark type means it can deal both super effective with Fire type moves and Dark type moves while also resisting Grass type moves and Ghost type moves. So why is Litten not the best? Well, although it’s not a complete counter, Primarina’s Water type resists Fire type moves and its Fairy type resists Dark type moves. However, since Fire resists Fairy type moves, it would be a safer bet to use Water type moves against Incineroar. You might be thinking, “What about Decidueye? Does it have any counter against Primarina?” Well, yes, it does. However, Fairy is not weak to Ghost nor Grass (Fairy is also not super effective against Ghost, unfortunately). Decidueye’s only advantage over Primarina is its Grass type moves, since Grass is both super effective against and resists Water. So trainers who choose Popplio need some sort of counter against Decidueye. Doesn’t seem too hard, considering Decidueye has the most weaknesses out of all the fully evolved Starter Pokemon (Fire, Ghost, Ice, Flying, and Dark). So who’s the best choice?

Believe it or not, I actually found two Pokemon that would be good to use against Decidueye, but one is arguably better than the other. Zubat are available in Alola as early as the first island. Having a Crobat on your team is a good choice for the Alola region, especially for Mallow. She has mainly Grass types, and Crobat both doubly resists Grass and has two types that are good against it. However, another Pokemon that I found to be a good counter is Pangoro. Sure, it’s Fighting moves are useless against Decidueye, but it’s Dark type moves can pack a punch.

The other three Pokemon are Parasect, Palossand, and Magnezone (Yes, I’m aware that many of my Pokemon begin with the letter P). Parasect, although it has many weaknesses and not one, but two double weaknesses, it’s a good Pokemon to use against Lana. Wishiwashi’s Water type moves would heal Parasect with its Dry Skin, and it’s Grass type moves could take it out with ease. Palossand is good for Kiawe, who has a Salazzle (Salandit’s evolution). Since it’s still a Fire/Poison type, it’s doubly weak to Ground type moves. Although it’s not the best fit, Palossand’s Ghost type also resists Poison. It does not, however, resist Fire type moves (Nor does Ground). Not only that, but Palossand is also useful against Olivia, a Rock type user. Palossand is also somewhat useful against Sophocles, an Electric type user. Whenever you go up against an Electric type user, you should always have a Ground type with you. Finally, Magnezone is useful against Acerola. She is a Ghost type user, but she does have a Totem Mimikyu, who is part Fairy. Using Palossand, although risky, might be helpful there. Using Pangoro might be a better idea, but it would stand no chance against Mimikyu, since it’s doubly weak to Fairy. That’s where Magnezone comes in handy.

Now although half of my team has at least one double weakness (Parasect is doubly weak to Fire and Flying, Magnezone is doubly weak to Ground, and Pangoro is doubly weak to Fairy), my team has a wide array of types, with no two Pokemon sharing a type (even though all of them have two types). Plus, my team could cover the weaknesses that Parasect, Magnezone, and Pangoro have. Both Primarina and Palossand can cover Parasect’s weakness to Fire, and Magnezone can cover its weakness to Flying. Primarina and Parasect can cover Magnezone’s double weakness, and Crobat and Magnezone can cover Pangoro’s double weakness.

What do you think of my team?

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