Pokemon Sun and Moon: Dhelmise

Dhelmise, the Sea Creeper Pokemon, is a new Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. I will be talking about what it is, its name, its usefulness, and how to find one.

Dhelmise is seaweed on an unattached helm of a ship. It’s a Grass type because of the seaweed and it’s a Ghost type because it has been possessed (most likely by a person who drowned because whatever ship the helm was attached to sank). Its name is a combination of demise (this supports the idea that it is possessed) and helm.

How useful is Dhelmise? Well, that depends. There are currently two other Pokemon in Alola who have the same type combination as Dhelmise: Decidueye and Trevenant. In Pokemon X and Y, Trevenant were able to be found in the wild. However, in Pokemon Sun and Moon, that is no longer possible. So, unless you can get someone to trade you a Phantump, you will have to use Phantump for your journey. Alternatively, if you chose Rowlet, do not get this Pokemon. It has a unique and interesting ability that might make it useful, but there are better options if you plan to get this Pokemon just for its ability.

What if I told you Dhelmise could get STAB from Steel moves? Well, that’s impossible, right? You only get STAB for moves that are the same type as yours, so Dhelmise can only get it for Ghost and Grass type moves. Yes, that is true. However, Dhelmise has an ability called Steelworker. It is its only ability and what it does it it powers up Steel type moves by 50%. STAB works in a similar way; it gives a 50% boost to moves that are the same type as the Pokemon who used them. Of course, Dhelmise does not get the benefits of a Steel typing, but it also doesn’t get the drawbacks. The reason I said that you should not get Dhelmise if you picked Rowlet is because you were already going to get a Grass/Ghost type anyway. Even though Dhelmise could be used for Ice type Pokemon (if Dhelmise can handle Ice type attacks) Fairy type Pokemon, there are 13 families of at least part Steel type Pokemon that could get the job done better than Dhelmise can.

So when should you get a Dhelmise? If you picked Litten or Popplio and you need a Grass type, a Ghost type, and a Steel type, then you should definitely get one. Dhelmise is unique in the way that is one of the only Pokemon to, in a way, have three types. Unfortunately, if you plan on getting one, you may have to wait a while. If you plan on getting a Grass or Ghost type to battle anyone before Poni Island, then you should just get a Phantump. If you need one before Akala Island, then you will need to use the GTS.

Let’s say you do get a Dhelmise…what moveset should it have? The max level it can be caught at is level 43, where it will know Whirlpool, Anchor Shot, Shadow Ball, and Energy Ball. All of those moves are pretty good, but Whirlpool is definitely not. My suggestion would be to replace Whirlpool with Shadow Claw when you can.

Where can you get Dhelmise? It can be found in the Seafolk Village by fishing. If you fish regularly, you’ll only have about a 1% chance of finding one. If the water is rippling, though, that chance goes up to about 10%.

Are you going to get a Dhelmise?

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