Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon Go is arguably one of the best mobile games. It offers people an incentive to go exercise because this game is virtually unplayable without moving. It also offers more rewards the more you exercise because the more distance you cover, the more eggs you can hatch (and that is even more of a reward since you can now get Johto Pokemon only from eggs). But how popular is Pokemon Go?

The Pokemon Go Youtube Channel uploaded a video today answering that very question. They have found that collectively, Pokemon Go users have walked 8.7 billion kilometers. That’s a whopping 200,000 trips around the Earth. Also, we have caught 88 billion Pokemon since the game’s release. That is almost 13 times as many people as there are on Earth right now. This also means that about 533 million Pokemon were caught everyday. That’s about 2 times as many people there are in the US right now.

So yeah, the game is pretty popular.

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