Pokemon Sun and Moon: Azumarill

As you probably already know, the Water type Starter for the Alola region, Popplio, evolves into Brionne, and then eventually into Primarina. Once it evolves into Primarina, it becomes a Fairy type as well. But, if you didn’t pick Popplio and you need a Water and Fairy type, you’re in luck.

Thanks to a feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon called the Island Scan, you can get a Water/Fairy type: Marill. What’s unique about this Marill is that it will have the egg move Aqua Jet when you catch it. It can only be found on Saturday at Brooklet Hill, and it will be level 17. This is good because it evolves at level 18, so it won’t be difficult to get an Azumarill. Obviously, if you need a Water type and a Fairy type then there’s no reason you should not get a Marill. But what other Pokemon can you get from Island Scan on Akala Island on different days?

  • Sunday: Gothita
  • Monday: Spheal
  • Tuesday: Luxray
  • Wednesday: Honedge
  • Thursday: Venipede
  • Friday: Bellsprout

Gothita can be found on Route 6 at level 17, Spheal can be found on Route 7 at level 19, Luxray can be found on Route 8 at level 20, Honedge can be found at the Akala Outskirts at level 23, Venipede can be found at Route 4 at level 14, and Bellsprout can be found on Route 5 at level 16. Once the Island Scan is activated, you will have an hour to find the Pokemon. Otherwise, it disappears (at least, until next week). The Pokemon cannot call for help, and it will just be one of that Pokemon. However, you can still breed to get more of them (except for Luxio, since they have a pre-evolution: Shinx. Even then, you can still get more Luxio by doing more Island Scans and evolving the baby Shinx you get).

What is your favorite Island Scan Pokemon on Akala Island?


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