Salazzle is 1 of 2 unique Pokemon. Salandit evolves into Salazzle at level 33. However, only the female ones will evolve. Male Salandit will never evolve. In addition, 7 out of every 8 Salandit are male, so getting a Salazzle is a little difficult. However, this is not the first Pokemon to have this distinction. Combee also have the same gender ratio, and only female Combee will evolve into Vespiquen. So let’s say you get a Salazzle. Is it a good Pokemon?

Salazzle and Salandit both have unique typings of Fire/Poison (which makes it a good counter against Fairy types). Also, it has the unique ability Corrosion, which allows it to Poison any Pokemon regardless of their typing. This means it can poison Steel or Poison type Pokemon. However, it has a double weakness to Ground and none of its abilities are Levitate. Air Balloon might work, but it stops working if you are hit with any attack. I’d say it’s a decently competitive Pokemon, but I’d rather have a separate Poison or Fire type on my team than a Salazzle.

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