Persian or Alola Persian?

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Meowth and its evolution were given Alola variations: the most significant change was that they changed from Normal types to Dark types. In addition, Alola Persian gets it Technician ability replaced with Fur Coat and its Unnerve ability replaced with Rattled. I will be talking about which one is better for your journey through the Alola region.

Against Hala, Persian is the better one. Although both of them are weak to Fighting, Fighting resists Dark but not Normal. This applies to both him as a kahuna and an Elite Four, so Persian gets 2 points.

Against Olivia, they’re the same.

Against Nanu, Persian is actually better. Although Dark resists Dark, that’s both a good and bad thing for Alola Persian. However, as long as Persian can take the attacks from Nanu, it would be better. It gets 1 point.

Against Hapu, they’re the same.

Against Acerola, Alola Persian has resists and does super effective damage against Ghosts. Persian is immune to Ghosts, but Ghosts are also immune to Persian. Alola Persian gets 2 points.

Against Kahili, they’re the same.

Against Kukui, Alola Persian is better for Lycanroc, Magnezone, so it gets 2 points. It gets an additional 2 points for being good against Decidueye. Persian is better for Ninetales, Incineroar, and Primarina, so it gets 3 more points.

So for Alola, Persian is actually better to use than Alola Persian.

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