Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong, otherwise known as the Acrobat, is Donkey Kong’s best friend and side kick. Although he is not as strong or big as Donkey Kong, he is much faster and more nimble. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Peanut Popgun. This move allows Diddy to charge up a gun that shoots peanuts. The peanuts deal more damage if charged for longer, with the weakest it can be is 3% damage and the strongest it can is 12%. The peanuts can be reflected and pocketed but not absorbed. This move can only be charged for so long until the gun actually explodes. Diddy Kong will be left completely defenseless if this happens, but anyone caught up in the explosion will take about 23% damage.

His side special is Monkey Flip. This attack has two forms:

  • If the move is landed regularly, Diddy Kong will land on the opponent’s face and deal damage. Afterwards, he will jump off their heads.
  • If the standard attack button is pressed before landing it regularly, Diddy Kong will deliver a flying kick.

His up special is Rocketbarrel Boost. This move allows Diddy Kong to charge up a jet pack. The longer it is charged, the higher it flies. The explosion that propels Diddy Kong into the air will deal about 10% damage and will deal between 6% and 8% damage if he hits anyone while flying in the air. If Diddy Kong is attacked while he has the jet pack still on, it will fly off, leaving him defenseless. However, the jet pack can still deal damage if it hits someone.

His down special is Banana Peel. This move does not deal damage on its own. Instead, Diddy Kong will throw a banana peel behind him. Anyone who steps on it will slip and fall, leaving them defenseless. However, they can pick the banana peel up and use it against you. The banana peel will disappear after being thrown twice or after it has been slipped on.

Is Diddy Kong better than Donkey Kong?

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