Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Wario

Wario, otherwise known as the Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold, is sometimes seen as Mario’s evil counterpart. Making his second appearance in the Smash Bros series, he comes equipped with his WarioWare outfit and his Classic outfit. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Chomp. This move allows Wario to chomp down on opponents. Once they are in your mouth, you can chomp down by pressing the special button for 2% damage a chomp. Once he is done, he will throw the opponent with his mouth for 5% damage. This move also allows Wario to eat items. Eating most items will heal him by 1% at a time, but eating explosives will cause 5% damage to him.

His side special is Wario Bike. Wario will ride his bike into opponents for about 10% damage a hit. Wario can turn around, do wheelies, and jump on his bike if he needs to. Pressing the opposite direction button will turn the bike, pressing up will make him do a wheelie, pressing down while doing a wheelie will end the wheelie, and pressing the standard button will make him jump off. You can still be attacked while biking, and the bike can take damage as well. If it takes too much, it explodes. Wario can instantly spawn another bike after his either explodes or falls off stage. However, he can only spawn one, considering there is not another one already in play.

His up special is Corkscrew. This move can deal 13% damage, considering every hit lands.

His down special is Wario Waft. This move takes at most two minutes to fully charge. It can be sped up by eating things, however. The move deals about 27% damage if it lands.

Which of Wario’s outfits do you like better?

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