Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Link

Link, otherwise known as the Hero of Hyrule, is a sword fighter that has been in the Super Smash Bros series since the original. With an arsenal of moves, Link is a versatile character. Three of his four special moves are actually projectiles. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Hero’s Bow. This move can be charged up. It does not have to be fired immediately, but the charge cannot be held onto. This move deals more damage if it is charged up for longer, with it dealing at least 4% damage and 12% damage at the most when it is completely charged up. The arrow can be pocketed or reflected.

His side special is Gale Boomerang. This move can deal between 5% damage and 7% damage. When it returns, it does not deal damage, but it will pull opponents towards you. The boomerang can also be pocketed or reflected as well.

His up special is Spin Attack. This move acts differently depending on where it was used:

  • On the ground, this move gives Link no height. However, anyone hit by his sword while he is swinging will take one strong hit.
  • In the air, this move gives Link height. However, it deals less damage than if it was used on the ground.

His down special is Bomb. Link pulls out a bomb. This bomb will instantly detonate a Blast Box and two can be in play at a time. It deals anywhere from 5% damage to 9% damage, depending on where it hits the opponent. The bomb is on a time limit, and can hurt Link if held on for too long. However, this can be used as a recovery tactic. Getting blown up gives him height, and allows him to use his Spin Attack again. If the bomb hits the ground, it will explode. However, if you air grab just before hitting the ground, the bomb will land on the ground but not explode. Others can pick it up and use it against you, however. It will always explode if it hits someone. This move can be pocketed or reflected.

Is Link one of your go-to characters?


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