Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Little Mac

Little Mac, also known as the Bruiser from the Bronx, is a newcomer in the Super Smash Bros series. Although he has been with Nintendo since 1983, he is only now making his appearance in the series. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Straight Lunge. This move can be charged up. After it is fully charged, it will be unleashed instantly. He will gain Super Armor when fully charged, which makes it so he will not flinch if attacked. If his KO meter is filled up, this move becomes the KO Uppercut, which sends opponents flying upwards.

His side special is the Jolt Haymaker. This move deals 14% damage, can meteor smash, and can be executed early if the standard attack button is pressed while he is flying. This move makes him helpless if he does not land after using the move, so be careful around edges.

His up special is the Rising Uppercut. This move gives Little Mac a little height. In fact, he actually gains more height if he uses this on the ground.

His down special is Slip Counter. This move is a counter that deals 1.3 times the amount of damage Little Mac would have taken if he had not used the move to the opponent, but it will deal at least 10% damage.

Are you glad Little Mac is in this Super Smash Bros game?

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