Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Zelda

Zelda, otherwise known as Hyrule’s Wise Princess, is now a character on her own, as opposed to in the past games, when she was paired with another character (Sheik). I will be analyzing her first set of special moves.

Her neutral special is Nayru’s Love. This move can deal consecutive light hits, but it is mainly just used as a reflector.

Her side special is Din’s Fire. This move allows Zelda to control a fireball that explodes when she lets go of the special button or it has reached its distance limit.

Her up special is Farore’s Wind. This move allows Zelda to warp from one space to another space. This move works in all eight directions.

Her down special is Phantom Slash. This move replaces her ability to transform into Sheik. This move can be charged up for more damage and more distance. This move shoots a phantom that can be defeated if it takes 13% or more damage. Afterwards, she cannot use this move for a while. It can also be reflected or pocketed.

Who do you like better: Zelda or Peach?

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