Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Mr. Game and Watch

Mr. Game and Watch, also known as the Master of Two Dimensions, is the only 2-dimensional character. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Chef. This move makes G&W pull out a frying pan that will deal 5% damage to anyone it touches. The pan will also instantly detonate a Blast Box. Also, certain foods will come flying out of his pan at different speeds and distances. Each food item will deal 4% damage to anyone it hits. However, the food can be pocketed or reflected.

His side special is Judge. This move will make G&W swing a hammer along with a number ranging from 1 to 9. Each number has a different effect. Higher numbers deal more damage but are less likely to appear. Here are the effects:

  • Swinging a 1 will deal 1% damage to the opponent, but will deal 12% damage to G&W.
  • Swinging a 2 will deal 4% damage to the opponent, and has a 20% chance of tripping them.
  • Swinging a 3 will deal 6% damage to the opponent, will launch them backwards, and deal a significant amount of damage to a shield.
  • Swinging a 4 will deal 8% damage and launch them diagonally.
  • Swinging a 5 will deal 12% damage, considering the four hits land. It will at least deal 3% damage.
  • Swinging a 6 will deal 12% damage and can instantly detonate a Blast Box.
  • Swinging a 7 will deal 14% damage and will knock an apple out of them, which can heal anyone who eats it.
  • Swinging a 8 will deal 9% damage and freeze the opponent. While frozen, they cannot move, but take less damage, similar to being trapped inside of an egg.
  • Swinging a 9 will deal 32% damage, and will KO anyone at 40% damage.

His up special is Fire. This move throws G&W into the air. Anyone hit with this move will take 6% damage. Anyone at his sides when he uses the attack will be pushed away but not take damage. He can use standard attacks while floating down on his parachute.

His down special is Oil Panic. This move allows G&W to pick up a bucket and absorb any projectile. The move cannot be unleashed until all three parts have been filled up. Even the weakest of projectiles will fill it up by one part, while the strongest of projectiles will fill all three in one go. This move will deal about 60% damage.

Is G&W one of your go-to characters?


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