Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Sheik

Sheik, otherwise known as the Illusive Sheikah, is now her own character, as opposed to in the past games, where she was paired with another character (Zelda). I will be analyzing her first set of special moves.

Her neutral special is Needle Storm. This move can be charged up and the charge can be held onto until the move is used or Sheik gets knocked out. The needles can be pocketed or reflected, however.

Her side special is Burst Grenade. Sheik pulls out a rope with a grenade attached to the end. The grenade can travel various distances, and will deal about 12%. It can also instantly detonate a Blast Box.

Her up special is Vanish. This move allows Sheik to vanish and reappear somewhere else. She can reappear in any of the eight directions. When she initially vanishes, anyone close will take about 12% damage, and anyone who is close to where she reappears will take about 5% damage.

Her down special is Bouncing Fish. This move deals about 12% damage and can be executed early if the standard attack button is pressed while she is flying, similar to Little Mac’s Jolt Haymaker.

Who do you like better: Sheik or Zelda?

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