Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Fox

Fox, otherwise known as the Leader of Star Fox, is making his fourth appearance in the Smash series. He used to be SS tier in Melee, but he has since lost his place. However, he is still a good character. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Blaster. This move deals between 1% damage and 3%. This move will not make an opponent flinch, but it fires quickly. It’s good for racking up damage. It can be pocketed, reflected, or absorbed. If it is thrown back at you, you will not flinch.

His side special is Fox Illusion. This move deals about 3% damage and is good for horizontal recovery.

His up special is Fire Fox. After starting this move, you can travel in any of the eight directions. Watch out, though, as using this off an edge will leave you helpless. Also, it will instantly detonate a blast box, so be careful.

His down special is Reflector. Hitting any opponent at close range will deal about 2% damage. The main use of it, however, is to reflect. This move can be held forever, but any opponent near you after it has started will not be dealt damage, so they can easily grab you if you hold it for too long. Any projectile reflected back will deal about 1.4 times the original damage. Something worth noting is that it decreases your falling speed, so it can potentially throw off an opponent’s timing.

Who do you like more: Fox or Falco?

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