Super Smash Bros for Wii U: DLC Character-Cloud

Cloud, otherwise known as SOLDIER 1st Class, is a newcomer to Smash. He is from the Final Fantasy series, and wields a sword. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves, but I am going to be going out of order.

His down special is Limit Charge. This move can be used to make Cloud more powerful. It can also make one of his three specials more powerful once. It takes 7 seconds to fully charge on its own, but it can be filled if he takes damage or deals damage. It will fully charge on its own if he takes 100% damage or deals 250% damage. You can use a combination of these to your advantage. This move makes Cloud faster and heavier.

His neutral special is Blade Beam. This move shoots a wave towards the opponent. It can be reflected, pocketed or absorbed. It is more powerful and faster on the ground, but it does give him a slight boost when used in the air. This move is rather slow but travels for a while. This move gets arguably better when used when he has his limit break. It only deals 1% damage, but has incredible knockback. It can knock an opponent out as low as 65% damage.

His side special is Cross Slash. This move hits 5 times. Each slash needs the button to be pressed at the same time, but with limit break, it only has to be executed once for the other four slashes to hit.

His up special is Climhazzard. This move should be used for recovery, but is only good if you are below the edge of the stage. This move has little to no horizontal aspect to it, similar to Ike’s up special. With the limit break, it hits harder and flies farther, both horizontally and vertically.

Fun Fact: Cloud’s sword disappears when he grabs a hammer. It does come back, though.

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