Super Smash Bros for Wii U: DLC Character-Corrin

Corrin is a newcomer to the Smash series but is also a character from the Fire Emblem series. I will be analyzing his/her only set of special moves.

His/her neutral special is the Dragon Fang Shot. This move shoots a projectiles that will stun the opponent if it hits. It can be charged, and the stun lasts longer if it is charged for longer, similar to Zero Suit Samus’s neutral special. The shot, uncharged, deals about 3% damage. Fully charged, it deals about 11% damage. His/her shooting arm can also deal damage, more if it is charged for longer. The arm deals 10% damage uncharged and 20% damage fully charged.

His/her side special is Dragon Lunge. This move turns his/her arm into a spear and pokes it into the ground. It will pin any opponent it hits, which is good for team battles. From here, he/she can kick at either side, jump, or cancel.

His/her up special is Draconic Ascent. This move hits multiple times and is good for recovery.

His/her down special is Counter Surge. This move is a counter, and it always deal at least 8% damage. It will deal 1.2 times the damage of the original move.

Who do you like more: Male Corrin of Female Corrin?

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