Super Smash Bros for Wii U: DLC Character-Roy

No, not this one (Yes, there are two Roys in this game).

That’s better.

Roy, otherwise known as the Young Lion, is making his second appearance in the Smash series. He originally appeared in Melee but was not in Brawl. I will be analyzing his only set of special moves.

His neutral special is the Flare Blade. This move is exceptionally powerful, but it has its drawbacks. It will do a minimum of 6% damage and a maximum of 45% damage if it is not fully charged. Fully charged, this move can deal 36% damage if they are hit farther away from Roy’s body, and 50% damage if they are. I would like to point out that this move is capable of knocking out almost all characters in the middle of Final Destination if sweetspotted, the only two exceptions being Bowser and Shulk with Shield. One drawback is that it takes about 5 seconds to fully charge. That may not seem like much, but in Smash, it is. It’s good to use if your opponent is dizzy. Another drawback is that it deals 10% damage to Roy if fully charged. This move is similar to Ike’s eruption, as it can be charged, but the move activates automatically once it is fully charged. This move can also instantly detonate a Blast Box.

His side special is Double-Edge Dance. This move is similar to Lucina’s side special.

His up special is Blazer. This is mainly for recovery, but can also instantly detonate a Blast Box. That would suck if someone put that close to the edge of the stage you were trying to recover to, and you were at high percentages.

His down special is Counter. This move will always deal at least 8% damage and deal back 1.35 times the damage of the original move.

Is Roy your boy?

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