Pokemon X and Y: Florges

Flabebe, otherwise known as the Single Bloom Pokemon, is a pure Fairy type Pokemon. It’s a good Pokemon to get early on if you don’t plan on getting a Dragon or Ice type. It has five colors: red, blue, yellow, orange and white. When it evolves, it keeps the same color flower. At level 19, it evolves into Floette, who is the same species as Flabebe. At this point, you can use a Shiny Stone to evolve it into Florges, the Garden Pokemon. But should you use your Shiny Stone on Floette?

These Pokemon have virtually no useful abilities. The abilities only work in double or triple battles, and even then, they only work under certain conditions. Flower Veil prevents allies from having their stats lowered, but only if they are Grass type. Symbiosis gives the user’s held item to its ally if its ally has used its item already. These aren’t terribly useful. However, Florges does have the highest Special Defense of all Fairy type Pokemon. This will help it against moves such as Sludge Bomb or Flash Cannon. It has a nice moveset, and it’s a good Fairy type. There aren’t too many of those, even less that are pure Fairy types, so if you want a good Fairy type, consider getting a Flabebe.

What’s your favorite color flower these Pokemon can have?

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