Pokemon X and Y: Gogoat

Skiddo, otherwise known as the Mount Pokemon, is a pure Grass type Pokemon. This Pokemon only has Sap Sipper as its regular ability, and since most people would not even try that, it might be a good idea to use a Pokemon doubly weak to Grass out against a Grass move user and then switch out. Its hidden ability isn’t terribly useful. At level 32, Skiddo evolves into Gogoat, who is the same species as its pre-evolution. Should you use Gogoat?

If you did not choose Chespin or Bulbasaur, you should get a Skiddo. It’s one of the earliest wild Grass Pokemon you can find in the game besides Pansage. It does not require a Leaf Stone. Plus, it has a better ability and a better moveset. Gogoat has the highest HP of all Grass Pokemon as well. Overall, it’s a good Pokemon to have.


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