Pokemon X and Y: Pyroar

Litleo, otherwise known as the Lion Cub Pokemon, is a Fire-Normal type. Once it reaches level 35, it will evolve into Pyroar, the Royal Pokemon. Depending on its gender, Pyroar can look drastically different. The male has a large mane, a stockier body, a tail with split in it and half-brown front legs. Female has long, flowing hair similar to a ponytail and mostly-brown legs. How useful is Pyroar?

It can be found early on in the game. If you want a pure Fire type early on, this is about as close as you’re going to get if you did not pick Fennekin. Unnerve is virtually useless, and Rivalry is only good in certain circumstances. I would suggest getting a Fletchling instead to be honest. It takes too long to level up, and its only good ability is its hidden ability. If you really don’t want Fletchling, I suppose Lilteo would be good for the first Gym leader, Viola. She uses Bug Pokemon, and if you picked Chespin, you’re not going to last too long.

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