Pokemon X and Y: Dragalge versus Clawitzer

In Pokemon Y, if you fish with a Good Rod in Ambrette Town, Cyllage City, or Route 8, chances are you will find a Skrelp. Skrelp, the Mock Kelp Pokemon, is a Poison/Water type. You can only find it in the wild at level 25, and it evolves at level 48. Once it evolves, it becomes a Dragalge, and it becomes a Poison/Dragon type. This is a unique type combination. On the other hand, if you try to do this in Pokemon X, you will find a Pokemon named Clauncher instead. Clauncher, the Water Gun Pokemon, is a pure Water type. It can also only be found at level 25, but it only needs to gain 12 levels to evolve. Once it does, it becomes Clawitzer, the Howitzer Pokemon. Again, don’t let this be your reason for getting one version over the other, but I will explain which one is better.

These Pokemon are not like Aromatisse and Slurpuff. They are vastly different, and so I think neither of them are better than the other. However, I will explain the situations in which to use each one.

Dragalge, being a Poison/Dragon type, makes it a better option to use against Fairy type Pokemon. Since Fairy types are weak to Poison and do half damage towards them, Dragalge might be a better option to use against Valerie, who specializes in Fairy types. Plus, it is an even better option to use it against Ramos, who specializes in Grass types. Grass is ineffective against Poison and Dragon, making Dragalge a doubly resistant Pokemon to Grass. Plus, Grass is weak against Poison.

However, there are times when not to use Dragalge. Since it is a Poison type, it is weak to Psychic. So don’t use it against Olympia. Also, since Steel types are immune to Poison, it would be a horrible idea to use it against Wikstrom. It might be a good idea to use it against Drasna, but remember, it is weak to Dragon as well.

Clawitzer is a different story. It’s a pure Water type, so it would be a good idea to use it against Malva. Teaching your Clawitzer Water Pulse and using that as your go-to move is something to consider, since it has the ability Mega Launcher.

Clawitzer is not a Pokemon you want to use against Ramos or Drasna. You also shouldn’t use it against Clemont, the Electric type gym leader, or Siebold, the Water type Elite Four member.

Which Pokemon do you like better and why?

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